My Most Precious Flatlay

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

While I have dreamt of what my babies first birthdays would be like, not one of those dreams did not include the baby in celebration. During my pregnancy, I would occasionally think of that first birthday and wonder how I would decorate, what kind of cake would I make, what "theme" it would be. Our girl might be taking wobbly steps by then or even saying a few words. While I so enjoyed creating a beautiful invitation suite for our Smokey Marie's first heavenly birthday, I would so quickly give up anything to have her here.

Every piece of this flatlay is so special to me. I created the invitation with watercolor, marigold-like flowers, hand-lettered the envelopes, found the most perfect little matching stamps. It was time beautifully spent for me doing something I enjoyed in honor of our baby girl. I wanted it to be reflective of Smokey and encompass details that I associate with her.

I chose to watercolor marigolds because that is the October birth flower, the month she was born. The hand and foot prints were done in the hospital. (She was such a perfect little chunky baby!) This specific picture of Smokey Marie was from my first Hope Mommies retreat in the spring of 2019 where I met so many other wonderful moms who have continued to be a part of my life and encourage me. The floral blanket was one we packed in our hospital bag and wrapped our baby girl in once she was born. The wooden, etched ultrasound was made by a dear friend I made over instagram, Ashley Margaret Craft.

I am so pleased with how this turned out and it was just what I needed at the beginning of the month to calm my anxious heart a bit, to feel like a normal mom. I am thankful for a heavenly Father who knows just what I need and so faithfully provided ideas, resources, and time to complete this project.

It is an absolute honor to be your mom, Smokey Marie.

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