Hi, I'm Amanda. I am a calligrapher, illustrator, and aspiring graphic designer based in Austin, TX. I am 23 years old and graduated from Texas A&M in 2018 with a Marketing degree. I am mighty lucky to be married to my best friend and high school sweetheart, Cade, and I'm a mama to a beautiful baby girl in heaven, Smokey Marie Davis. Smokey was stillborn on October 16, 2018 due to an unexpected umbilical cord accident. We have been married for just about three years now and have experienced overwhelming joy as well as deep sorrow together. God is still faithful and Heaven is so near. We look forward to that Redemption day!



It has been incredible to look back on my journey and see how so many people and experiences have nurtured my talents over the past few years. I have had a creative streak for as long as I can remember, but so many things encouraged this journey including elementary coloring contests, drawing friend's names in bubble letters, my high school cheer squad, my church, and the many friends who trusted me at such a young age to create signage for their weddings and homes. Although I have always loved and enjoyed many different types of art, I have a special place for lettering and calligraphy. My love for lettering came a few years ago during a season of extreme fatigue when the written words of God felt like my only source of energy and excitement. What a gift! The words of God always felt new to me and sharpies were my best friend. I used to write out scriptures for hours and it had truly become a form of worship. I am completely self-taught in everything that I do and I pray that I never lose thankfulness for my gifts and my desire to be creative. I hope to always focus my talents on God, the giver of all gifts, and I pray that every interaction that this little business allows would be an opportunity for others to see His light.