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Hi, I'm Amanda Davis. I am a calligrapher, acrylic artist, and graphic designer living on the outskirts of Houston, TX. I am a wife to an incredibly smart and handsome man and a mama to a little boy named John Morgan. We have a daughter in heaven who was stillborn at 39 weeks due to an umbilical cord accident. Her name is Smokey Marie Davis, named after her great grandpa, Smokey. Her short life has irrevocably changed mine and I look forward to the day when our family will be made whole.

It has been incredible to look back on my journey and see how so many people and experiences have nurtured my talents over the past few years. I have had a creative streak for as long as I can remember, but so many things encouraged this journey including elementary coloring contests, drawing friend's names in bubble letters, my high school cheer squad, my church, and the many friends who trusted me at such a young age to create signage for their weddings and homes. Although I have always loved and enjoyed many different types of art, I have a special place for lettering and calligraphy. My love for lettering came during a season of extreme fatigue when the written words of God felt like my only source of energy and excitement. However, I have recently picked up my paintbrush and acrylic paints to bring pictures to life through painting. It has been a joyful new journey.

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